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Thank you for your interest in Nextbook Press Jewish Encounters book series.

As a respected educator in the Jewish community, it is our pleasure to offer you a free copy of Nextbook Press’ most recent publication Yehuda Halevi by Hillel Halkin. This is a book we are very proud of and that lends itself wonderfully to a group read. Yehuda Halevi tells the story of the most famous Spanish Jew of the Golden Age who, 1,000 years ago, turned his back on fame and family and sailed to Palestine, a decision that still reverberates inside Jewish cultural and political life today. Halkin’s Halevi is in some ways the first Zionist, in others the last romantic. His book is sure to stir discussion and debate.

This website contains additional information on the book including a readers guide (link to halevi page) and a video interview with author, Hillel Halkin (link to halevi page). We have also made some of Yehuda Halevi’s most famous poems available for you to download right here (link to PDFs)