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Thursday, January 1
One of the world’s best-known attorneys gives us a no-holds-barred history of Jewish lawyers: from the biblical Abraham, who argued with God on behalf of the doomed sinners of Sodom, through modern-day advocates who have changed the world by challenging … Continue reading
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Alan M. Dershowitz

Thursday, January 1
ALAN M. DERSHOWITZ is the New York Times best-selling author of more than thirty books, including Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law, Chutzpah, The Best Defense, Reversal of Fortune, and The Case for Israel. His articles and essays … Continue reading
“Daniel Gordis’ clearly written and engaging book tells Begin’s story well and, perhaps more importantly, makes a fine contribution to the study of his character.” Continue reading
“A pair of events, neither of which occurred at a chronological midpoint in Israel’s history, nevertheless divide that history in two. The first was the Six Day War of 1967. The second was Menachem Begin's electoral victory of 1977. Both came unexpectedly, both launched Israel on unforeseen trajectories and both had immense consequences that the country is still struggling to cope with.” Continue reading
“In Menachem Begin, Gordis manages to capture, in clean clear prose, the heart of Israel’s founding and formative years: the soaring idealism and bare-knuckle pragmatism, the shows of Jewish unity and the bitter feuds, the inspiring stories of survival and the depressing anecdote of violence. It’s a good place to start for the contemporary reader curious about one small but central clump of the tangled roots of the Middle East's current turmoil.” Continue reading
"A Jew without irony is probably not fully a Jew, but Sholem Aleichem's irony was never contentious, never superior to its subject, never malignant." Continue reading
"Figure bien oubliée aujourd’hui - injustement d’ailleurs -, Abraham (“Abe”) Cahan fut une des personnalités les plus marquantes de la vie new-yorkaise pendant plus d’un demi-siècle." Continue reading
"The Worlds of Sholem Aleichem: The Remarkable Life and Afterlife of the Man Who Created Tevye, by the Columbia University Yiddish literature professor Jeremy Dauber, is a comprehensive biography — amazingly, the first in any language — that presents the writer’s legacy through the lens of his turbulent life." Continue reading
"Abraham Cahan, an overlooked legend in 20th century American journalism, finally gets his due in a new biography by Seth Lipsky. He recounts his editorship of the Forward and his political twists and turns." Continue reading
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JCC Miami Beach hosts Jeremy Dauber

Wednesday, December 4 7:30 PM
Miami Beach JCC
Join Jeremy Dauber at the MBJCC as part of Jewish Book Month. Guests: $10 per event or $50 for the series of six MBJCC Members: $5 per event or $25 for a series of six
Columbia Professor Jeremy Dauber discusses his recent book”The Worlds of Sholem Aleichem: The Remarkable Life and Afterlife of the Man Who Created Tevye.”
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Columbia University Hosts Sholem-Aleichem and his Legacy: Conversation with Alisa Solomon and Jeremy Dauber

Monday, November 18 6:30 PM 8:00
Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University
Moderated by Alana Newhouse Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University
"Jeremy Dauber’s biography of Sholem Aleichem is beautifully written, following the threads of the writer’s too short life (he died at 56) and the stories he invented, and their characters, which have taken on lives of their own." Continue reading
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Sholem Aleichem Celebrated with Jeremy Dauber at the JCC of Greater New Haven

Sunday, November 10 10:30AM
JCC of Greater New Haven, 360 Amity Rd., Woodbridge, CT 06525
A literary/musical program exploring the impact of one of Judaism’s greatest cultural icons. Featuring author Jeremy Dauber, The Worlds of Sholem Aleichem, author Alisa Solomon, Wonder of the Worlds a Cultural History of Fiddler on the Roof and musical accompaniment … Continue reading
"All this made the Forverts wildly successful and earned Cahan, as Lipsky argues, “a place in the pantheon of America’s greatest newspaper editors.” Continue reading
“Begin’s complex life was a study in the possibilities of ‘both/and,’ rather than ‘either/or.’ Born into war, he never gave up the hope for peace.” Continue reading
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Menachem Begin

Thursday, January 1
A fascinating biography of the sixth prime minister of Israel that explains how the pre-state terrorist became the first Israeli leader to sign a peace treaty with an Arab country.
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Daniel Gordis

Thursday, January 1
DANIEL GORDIS is the author of five previous books, including the award-winning Saving Israel. He is a regular contributor to The Jerusalem Post, and has written for The New York Times, The New Republic, and The New York Times Magazine. … Continue reading
Seth Lipsky, founding editor of the English-language "Forward," pens a lively, concise biography of Yiddish "Jewish Daily Forward" founder Abraham Cahan. Continue reading
"As Seth Lipsky details in his short and engaging new biography, “The Rise of Abraham Cahan,” the contest between universal values and Jewish interests was a struggle throughout his life." Continue reading
“He really was one of the great progenitors of modern journalism and a newspaper editor in the way they’re supposed to be, as historical actors,” Mr. Lipsky said. “They’re players on the world stage, and newspapers are their instrument.” Continue reading
“Two hundred thousand people turned out for Sholem Aleichem’s funeral in 1916. He was the most beloved writer the Jewish world had ever known, yet somehow it’s taken almost one hundred years for a proper biography to finally appear. Fortunately, Jeremy Dauber’s account was worth waiting for. The Worlds of Sholem Aleichem is original, comprehensive, insightful, and riveting. We all owe Dauber an enormous debt of gratitude.” Continue reading
“Sholem Aleichem’s life was as improbable and dramatic as any of his stories, and in this first comprehensive English-language biography of the greatest Yiddish writer, Jeremy Dauber marvelously brings the adventure to life. If you want to learn how European Jews first entered, laughing, into the horror and majesty of modern life, start here.” Continue reading
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The Worlds of Sholem Aleichem

Thursday, January 1
The first comprehensive biography of one of the most beloved authors of all time: the creator of Tevye the Dairyman, the collection of stories that inspired Fiddler on the Roof. Novelist, playwright, journalist, essayist, and editor, Sholem Aleichem was one … Continue reading
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Jeremy Dauber

Thursday, January 1
Jeremy Dauber is a professor of Yiddish literature at Columbia University, where he also serves as director of its Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies and teaches in the American Studies program. His previous books include In the Demon’s Bedroom: … Continue reading
"In Lipsky’s hands, the story of Cahan – an immigrant from Russia who arrives here, true to immigrant lore, with nothing, and works his way to a position of extraordinary power and prestige, becomes a way to recount the sweep of 19th and early 20th century Jewish history in all its drama, heartbreak, promise, and disillusionment." Continue reading
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The Rise of Abraham Cahan

Thursday, January 1
Acclaimed journalist Seth Lipsky gives us the fascinating story of a man of profound contradictions: an avowed socialist who wrote fiction with transcendent sympathy for a wealthy manufacturer; an internationalist who turned against the anti-Zionism of the left; an assimilationist … Continue reading
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Seth Lipsky

Thursday, January 1
SETH LIPSKY is the founding editor of the English-language Forward and of The New York Sun. He is a former foreign editor of The Wall Street Journal and served as a member of its editorial board. He is the author … Continue reading
This book is a tremendous accomplishment. If you want to read one recent book about the Book of Job—this is the one. Harold Kushner smoothly condenses an extensive body of Job scholarship into an accessible book. Continue reading
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Sacred Trash authors at Williams College, MA

Wednesday, October 9 - Friday, October 11
Catch authors Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole October 9-11 at Williams College, Williamstown, MA. Details to come.
Sacred Trash authors Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole come to the Vermont Studio Workshop October 3.
Join Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at Eshkolot, Moscow May 19th through the 22nd. Details to come.
Join the authors March 8 and 9 in New City, NY. Details to come.
"In his recent book, “When General Grant Expelled the Jews,” Brandeis University Professor Jonathan D. Sarna recounts an important but little known event in 1863 in Lincoln’s quest for full civil, religious and human rights for all Americans — this time, for American Jews." Continue reading
Featured Event

Jonathan Sarna at the JCC of Columbus

Monday, May 6 7:15PM
1125 College Ave. Columbus, OH 43209
On Sunday, May 6, attend a lecture by Jonathan Sarna, author of When General Grant Expelled the Jews at the JCC in Columbus, Ohio. When General Grant Expelled the Jews is an “excellent study from the gifted and resourceful historian … Continue reading
As part of the Jewish Museum’s Saul and Gladys Gwirtzman Lecture series, catch When General Grant Expelled the Jews with Jonathan Sarna author Jonathan Sarna on Monday, April 15 at 11:30am as he discusses his riveting account of General Ulysses … Continue reading
As part of the Milwaukee JCC’s Day of Discovery workshops, sign up for an hour with When General Grant Expelled the Jews author Jonathan Sarna in a text study.
Featured Event

Sarna Reading in Los Angeles

Monday, January 28 7:30 PM
Douglass Campus Center, 100 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901-1412.
Come by Los Angeles’ Stephen Wise Temple for a lecture by Jonathan Sarna whose When General Grant Expelled the Jews shares an account of this little known episode, Grant’s subsequent apology, his groundbreaking appointment of Jews to prominent positions in … Continue reading
“I, a peaceable, law abiding citizen, pursuing my legitimate business at Paducah, Kentucky, where I have been a resident for nearly four years, have been driven from my home, my business, and all that is dear to me, at the short notice of twenty-four hours; not for any crime committed, but simply because I was born of Jewish parents,” said a young merchant named Cesar Kaskel to reporters in late December 1862. The accompanying headline disclosed why Kaskel was so abruptly ordered out. It read: “Expulsion of Jews from General Grant’s Department.” Continue reading
Kushner talks with Vox Tablet host Sara Ivry about the very personal roots of this exploration, dating back to the 1970s, when his son Aaron was diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease (Aaron died in 1977, at age 14); about the depth and complexity of the Job verses; and about why he believes we must choose between an all-loving God and an all-powerful one. Continue reading
Harold S. Kushner has spent the past three decades writing about human suffering. It's no surprise then, that he's learned a few things. Continue reading
"[The Editors of the Jewish Encounters series] wanted me to write a book, not on why people suffer, they wanted me to write about the Book of Job." Continue reading
"In “When Bad Things Happen to Good People,” which I wrote 31 years ago, I devoted about 10 pages or so to the Book of Job; what the problem is and how I think it’s answered. This [new] 200-page book is a chapter-by-chapter guide through Job, because some marvelous things happen there. You really have a debate on both sides of the equation. It’s the only book like it in the Bible, and nobody appreciates it because they read that awful first chapter and they give up on the whole book. There are some wonderful ideas in it." Continue reading
Unlike a great deal of rabbinic commentary, which condemns Job’s reaction, Kushner believes that being angry with God "may be one of the hallmarks of a truly religious person. It puts honesty ahead of flattery." Job is open and honest with God when he demands that God explain the reason behind his afflictions. Continue reading
Rabbi Harold Kushner spoke in Minneapolis about coping with hard times and the lessons that can be learned from the Bible's Book of Job. His newest bestseller is "The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person." He spoke Oct. 18, 2012 at an event sponsored by Park Nicollet Foundation's "Growing Through Grief" program. Continue reading
What kind of God allows such horrible things to happen to good people, "That is the question, it's the question I'm asking more than any, not only because I wrote a book about it 30 years ago,but because anybody that has any sense of religion and suffers, anybody who has a sense of this fairness that this world ought to treat good people better...you're going to ask this question." Continue reading
"Throughout The Book of Job Kushner pushes and prods his readers to explore the possibilities with which this difficult text, with its often obscure vocabulary, challenges us to seek our own responses. Serving as a guide, he reviews the answers of classic commentators, then ends with his own understanding, an understanding persuasive for both theological and personal reasons, an understanding that is moving, comforting, and active." Continue reading
"Harold S. Kushner is a rare bird: a popular religious writer set apart by his humility and lack of proselytizing...Kushner's latest book is "The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person," and it too is supported by thoughtful scholarship and his skill at using modern concepts without leaking treacle." Continue reading
"Kushner’s analysis challenges popular understanding of a text written and rewritten by unknown authors perhaps separated by centuries. Job, he says, is more than a fable that says, “Believe.” It poses a question at the center of any faith: Why does God inflict such misery on some people?" Continue reading
When selecting an author for this 21st book in the Jewish Encounters series, editor Jonathan Rosen had a clear choice. Continue reading
Featured Event

Harold Kushner at Tiburon, CA’s Congregation Kol Shofar

Sunday, November 4 7:00 PM
Congregation Kol Shofar 215 Blackfield Drive Belvedere Tibrn, CA 94920
Join the congregation for a reading and signing of The Book of Job. More>>
Featured Event

Harold Kushner in Miami

Monday, October 22 6:30 PM
9700 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour, FL
Harold Kushner will appear with his latest,The Book of Job. More>>
Featured Event

Harold Kushner and The Book of Job over Dessert Reception for the JCC of Fort Lauderdale’s 25th anniversary

Sunday, October 21 7:30 PM
JCC of Fort Lauderdale 5850 South Pine Island Road Davie, Florida 33328
Catch Rabbi Kushner reading from The Book of Job in the Sunshine State over sweets. For more details, stay up to date at jccbooks.com
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The Book of Job signing at The Basilica in Minnesota

Thursday, October 18 12:00 AM
The Basilica 88 North 17th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Reading and signing will be managed by the Bookcase of Wayzata. Check event page for updated information. More>>
Featured Event

Kushner at Barnes & Noble Framingham, MA

Thursday, October 4 7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble Framingham, 1 Worcester Road
Join Harold Kushner at Barnes & Noble in Framingham, MA for a reading and signing of The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person. More>>
Featured Event

Esther Schor at Museum of Jewish Heritage speaking on Emma Lazarus

Sunday, April 29 2:30
Museum of Jewish Heritage, 36 Battery Place, New York, NY
Emma Lazarus lived as an American and a Jew in a way no one before her had. She was a Jewish-American writer before the category even existed. In this fascinating discussion, Schor will bring a vital, complicated woman to life. … Continue reading
Featured Event

Peter Cole and Adina Hoffman at Durham’s Judea Reform Congregation

Saturday, April 21 7:30 PM
Judea Reform Congregation, Bossen Family Library, Durham, NC
Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole will speak about Sacred Trash: The Discovery of the Cairo Genizah.
"Anyone seeking to rock the Passover Seder with political debate will find the perfect conversation piece in Mr. Sarna’s account of this startling American story. Last graph: Mr. Sarna’s book is part of a prestigious series matching prominent Jewish writers with intriguingly fine-tuned topics." Continue reading
“This book is highly recommended to those interested in the Civil War and American Jewish history.” Continue reading
“The Brandeis professor did a marvelous job with looking into a glimpse of Grant's life and its effect on Jewish-Americans.” Continue reading
“Sarna’s account shines brightest around the edges of the story, offering valuable new insights into ethnic politics, press power and the onetime ability of leaders to flip-flop with grace...Sarna’s excellent study offers no excuses...and comes closer than ever to an explanation.” Continue reading
"Brandeis professor Jonathan Sarna examines the order and the long-standing criticism of Grant; the result is the most compelling contextualization available on the issue." A leading historian of the Jewish experience in America, he Continue reading
Jonathan Sarna sheds new light on one of of our most enigmatic presidents, on the Jews of his day, and on America itself.
“This book, the most detailed study of the topic to date, takes readers from the issuing of the order to Grant’s demise. Sarna sheds light on a little-known aspect of the Civil War and the experience and treatment of Jews during the mid-to late 19th century. A valuable addition to all collections for Civil War and presidential history buffs and specialists, as well as for students of American Jewish history.” Continue reading
"The more I read “Ben-Gurion: A Political Life” by Shimon Peres, the more I liked to play "What Would the Old Man Do Now?"" Continue reading
A talk by Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at the Center for Jewish Studies.
A big mazel tov to Sacred Trash authors Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole for their mention under the Gerrard and Ella Berman Memorial Award in History, and to The Eichmann Trial author Deborah Lipstadt for mention under Holocaust titles. Continue reading
“An elegant history of one of the great modern feats of cultural resurrection… Sacred Trash tells [its] story with narrative vigor and lightness of learning.” Continue reading
Dr. Pinksy’s lecture at UTC is entitled “The Value of the Arts and Humanities in Education and Society.” The lecture will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 7 p.m. in the Roland Hayes Auditorium, in the Fine Arts Building … Continue reading
"History is best written by using primary sources, and there is no better historical source with regard to Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, than his protégé, Shimon Peres." Continue reading
"Even if Emma Lazarus’s poem “The New Colossus” had not transformed the gargantuan Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor from an aggressive monument — “Liberty Enlightening the World” — into a welcoming “Mother of Exiles”; even if she had not provided that crowned goddess with a humane voice that still resonates (“Give me your tired, your poor”); even if she had not asserted a powerful connection between liberty and opportunity, the exhibition “Emma Lazarus: Poet of Exiles” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage demonstrates that there would still be reasons to value her life and work." Continue reading
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Apologia for Ben-Gurion

Thursday, January 1
"They were kindred spirits. Both were voracious readers, polymaths, single-mindedly ambitious, and coldly pragmatic. Both had high, unself-critical opinions of themselves. They ruthlessly battled foes within their political camp, though Ben-Gurion was arguably the more vindictive. Both were Big Idea men. Ben-Gurion envisioned a renascent Israel along vaguely biblical principles; Peres, more ambitious still, sought an entirely "new Middle East."" Continue reading
"Thoroughly researched and crisply written, this is a very fine work that will interest students of both American and modern Jewish history." Continue reading
Talking with Haaretz, prominent scholar discusses effect of Eichmann trial of perception of the Holocaust, as well as recent comments by U.S. envoy to Belgium Howard Gutman. Continue reading
Featured Event

Azrieli welcomes Dr. Deborah Lipstadt

Wednesday, December 14 7:00 PM
Azrieli Graduate School, Weissberg Commons
Azrieli welcomes Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University. Dr. Lipstadt successfully defended a libel suit brought by David Irving and wrote a gripping account of it in History On Trial: My Day … Continue reading
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston with curator Rita Freed

Wednesday, February 8 7:00 PM - Wednesday, February 8 8:00 PM
Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Remis Auditorium, 161
Sacred Trash Found Under the Floorboards Peter Cole, MacArthur Foundation Fellowship recipient for poetry, author Rita Freed, John F. Cogan, Jr. and Mary L. Cornille Chair, Art of the Ancient World Adina Hoffman, essayist, author Curator Rita Freed discusses Sacred … Continue reading
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Ben-Gurion “invaluable”

Thursday, January 1
With Occupy Wall Streeters under fire for alleged anti-Semitism, it’s worth remembering that Israel was founded by people not unlike them. “The Jews’ greatest contribution to history is dissatisfaction!” Continue reading
Sarna (History/Brandeis Univ.; A Time to Every Purpose: Letters to a Young Jew, 2008, etc.) nimbly reappraises Grant’s presidency as ushering a “golden age” for American Jews, despite the short-lived expulsion order he couldn’t live down. General Orders No. 11, published in 1862 by Gen. Grant as head of the Union Army’s Department of the Tennessee, decreed that “Jews as a class” were to be expelled from the department because of “violating every regulation of trade”—i.e., on account of smuggling. While the order was issued during the pressing exigencies of wartime, then swiftly revoked by President Lincoln when visited by prominent Kentucky merchant Cesar Kaskel and Ohio Congressman John Addison Gurley some weeks later, Grant was vilified by the Jewish community—nearly 150,000 citizens—and hard-pressed to exonerate himself as presidential candidate, then president. Sarna expertly navigates the repercussions of this shocking order, which galvanized the American Jewish community to action, reminding many who were refugees from European expulsions how insecure they were even in America. It also deeply divided the Jewish community when faced with the 1868 Grant-Seymour presidential election. The order aroused a passionate debate both in the Senate, where some Democratic members moved to censure the (Republican) general, unsuccessfully, and in the press, which spoke out against the stereotyping and scapegoating of the Jews as “swindlers.” (Sarna evenhandedly considers the extent to which Jews were involved in smuggling.) Moreover, with the passage of the Emancipation Proclamation, Jews expressed their consternation that the rise in status for blacks came at the cost of their own abasement. Jewish leaders such as Simon Wolf and Isaac Mayer Wise wrestled with the ethics of backing the modern-day Haman, as Grant was called, or support the racist, anti-black Democrats. Sarna weighs the short-lived order against important Jewish appointments in Grant’s administration, his humanitarian support for oppressed Jews around the world and lasting friendships with Jews. A well-argued exoneration of a president and a sturdy scholarly study. Continue reading
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Deborah Lipstadt Discusses The Eichmann Trial at Yeshiva University

Monday, December 12 8:00 PM
Koch Auditorium, Yeshiva University’s Beren Campus, 245 Lexington Avenue, New York City
The Eichmann Trial: A Legal Travesty or a Crowning Moment in Israel’s History? Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt, internationally renowned Holocaust scholar and best-selling author of the The Eichmann Trial, will discuss “The Eichman Trial: A Legal Travesty or a Crowning … Continue reading
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Treasure Trove of Sacred Trash

Thursday, January 1
"The finished product, they said, “is a total collaboration, fact by fact and sentence by sentence. We wrote the book we wanted to write and tried our best to convey our fascination, our enthusiasm, and our sense of discovery.”" Continue reading
"Having Peres write this book is a splendid idea, and one is moved by the extent of devotion and awe that he has for Ben-Gurion...in addition to Ben-Gurion’s critical decisiveness, one of his other virtues was knowing how to pick his disciples well." Continue reading
"You've written this fascinating and very moving book about your mentor, David Ben-Gurion." Read more of the transcript on CNN. Continue reading
"BaltimoreJewishLife.com had the opportunity to ask the authors, Hoffman and Cole, how the Geniza is particularly relevant to the Orthodox Jewish community? Their response cut to the heart of what makes the Geniza so fascinating: "The very notion of Orthodoxy isn't really relevant in the Geniza context, since really all the Jews of the Middle Ages are what we’d now consider religious. In that sense, every single scrap of paper or parchment found here is potentially of interest to Orthodox Jews today... It’s also critical to realize that the Judaism of the Middle Ages was basically an Eastern—as opposed to Eastern European--religion. Scholars estimate that at least ninety percent of the world’s Jews during these years lived in the East and eventually under the rule of Islam. These were Arabic-speaking Jews who didn't live in ghettos, but interacted in an involved way with their Muslim and Christian neighbors."" Continue reading
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Sacred Trash a true mystery story

Thursday, January 1
"Sacred Trash is a true mystery story of how our scholars found and decoded the meanings of objects left behind a thousand years ago in the Cairo Geniza." Continue reading
"With the skill of historians and the style of novelists, Hoffman and Cole tell the remarkable story of the medieval document trove that came to light in the 1890s and has kept scholars busy for over a century." Continue reading
"Schechter, who must have “cut a remarkable figure as he strode down King’s Parade . . . [w]ith his bushy, red-tinted beard, unruly hair, and tendency to gesticulate broadly,” marked one of the first and perhaps the most majestic in a long line of characters to throw themselves into the study of the Geniza. And the portraits of these academics grant this book much of its texture." Continue reading
Featured Event

Sacred Trash reading at Bar-Ilan University in Israel

Tuesday, November 29 6:00 PM
Beck Auditorium, Bar-Ilan University
Come hear prize-winning authors Peter Cole and Adina Hoffman discuss their book on the people involved in finding the Cairo Geniza.
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at the UK launch of Sacred Trash

Sunday, February 19 5:00 PM
Jewish Book Week at Kings Place, UK
Join us for the UK launch of the highly acclaimed Sacred Trash, with Peter Cole and Adina Hoffman, whose book tells the story of what is arguably the greatest discovery of Jewish manuscripts ever made.
"Author Shimon Peres writes of David Ben-Gurion, Israel's founding father and first prime minister, as "a figure of stirring contradictions -- a prophetic visionary and a canny pragmatist who early grasped the necessity of compromise for national survival." Such a political attitude is striking and instructive today with Israelis and Palestinians deadlocked, seemingly uncompromisingly, over their people's future. Peres writes that "Ben-Gurion supported the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine, even though it meant surrendering a two thousand-year-old dream of Jewish settlement for the entire land of Israel." Peres, president of the State of Israel since 2007, sees in Ben-Gurion "a neglected model of leadership that Israel and the world desperately need in the twenty-first century." Shimon Peres has been a key leader of Israel since 1948, when he became head of the nation's naval services. An architect of the Oslo Accords, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994." Continue reading
“A tender account of Ben-Gurion’s life . . . . [President Peres] is a man of awesome accomplishment — a Nobel Peace Prize winner, by the way — but his most important accomplishment is how he has come to personify the ethic that David Ben-Gurion represents. His book is well worth your time. It was mine.” Continue reading
David Ben-Gurion has entered the annals of modern Jewish history as a prophet in his time, and Shimon Peres can rightly claim the title of Ben-Gurion’ s anointed disciple. At the height of power, both were praised and reviled — although we cannot yet know if the still remarkably vigor-ous 88-year-old Peres will ultimately go down as a visionary or a fool. It is only fitting that Peres (with journalist David Landau) has penned this book that offers one historical leader chronicling and analyzing the life and times of his even more important mentor. Continue reading
This is a wonderfully intimate and important book about the brave men and women who created Israel against all reasonable odds after the devastation of the Holocaust. Continue reading
“Several of [BEN-GURION: A Political Life’s] chapters end with lively dialogues between Mr. Peres and [David Landau] that are a creative way of handling the teller/as-told-to relationship, and some of Mr. Peres’s personal reminiscences of Ben-Gurion and his entourage are delightful.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at the Sarasota Jewish Book Fair

Saturday, November 12 7:30 PM
Beatrice Friedman Theater (Federation Campus)
Sacred Trash is the highly engaging story of the recovery of the Cairo Geniza, which is arguably the greatest discovery of Jewish manuscripts ever made. In Sacred Trash, Hoffman and Cole lead us into the richly textured Jewish world revealed … Continue reading
MacArthur-winning poet and translator Peter Cole and acclaimed essayist Adina Hoffman tell the story of the retrieval from an Egyptian geniza—a repository for worn-out texts—of the most vital cache of Jewish manuscripts ever discovered. Presenting a panoramic view of nine … Continue reading
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at the Austin Jewish Book Fair

Wednesday, November 9 7:00 PM
Austin Jewish Book Fair
Join us as we kick-off the 2011-2012 Spotlight on Arts & Ideas series with author lectures and discussions, the annual Book Lovers Luncheon, and Texas Book Festival Appearances.
In Sacred Trash, Hoffman and Cole lead us into the richly textured Jewish world revealed by these manuscripts, as they also present the fascinating life stories of the modern scholars who devoted themselves to unearthing and studying the Geniza documents. … Continue reading
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole in Portland

Monday, November 7 7:00 PM
The Oregon Jewish Museum
Authors’ Talk: Sacred Trash: The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole General Public: $10 OJM Members: $8 Reservations at www.ojm.org or call 503-226-3600
Featured Event

Sacred Trash in Seattle

Saturday, November 5 7:30 PM
Elliott Bay Books, Seattle
Translators, poets, publishers, biographers—Jerusalem-based Peter Cole and Adina Hoffman have individually and collaboratively done extraordinary work in bringing literary and cultural marvels to light—and to readers across the borderlines of language and state. They are here this evening with the … Continue reading
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at the Ft. Lauderdale Jewish Book Fair

Thursday, November 3 7:30 PM
David Posnack Jewish Community Center
Presented by David Posnack Jewish Community Center at David Posnack Jewish Community Center.
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Thursday, January 1
David Ben-Gurion was a mythic figure, a founding father of Israel, and the country’s first prime minister, but he was also a real man, brimming with human contradictions, who was observed in all his complexity by Shimon Peres.
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Everything Is Coming Up Lazarus

Monday, October 17 - Monday, October 31
In marking the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty’s dedication, many organizations have been highlighting the participation of Emma Lazarus, the iconoclastic nineteenth-century poet and activist whose verse gave a voice to the Statue of Liberty, but whose extraordinary … Continue reading
Featured Event

The New Colossus

Thursday, January 1
To mark the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, Nextbook Press has taken the statue’s classic sonnet – “The New Colossus,” by Emma Lazarus – and updated this 19th century classic for the 21st century. With annotations by Esther … Continue reading
Featured Event

Sacred Trash Tour continues in Cambridge

Tuesday, November 1 7:30 PM
Harvard Hillel, 52 Mount Auburn St., Cambridge
MacArthur Prize-winning poet and translator peter Cole and acclaimed essayist Adina Hoffman tell the story of the Cairo Geniza, the most vital cache of jewish manuscripts ever discovered, often referred to as the “Living Sea Scrolls.” Cole and Hoffman reveal … Continue reading
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at the Herbert Tarr North Shore Institute

Monday, October 31 8:40 PM
Herbert Tarr North Shore Institute, 401 Roslyn Rd., Roslyn Heights, NY
The Cairo Geniza is the most vital cache of Hebrew manuscripts ever discovered. It opened up an entire history of Jewish life in the Muslim world providing a rich picture of a little known vibrant Mediterranean Jewish life. Information was … Continue reading
Featured Event

NYC’s Jewish Museum Presents Sacred Trash

Monday, October 31 11:30 AM
The Jewish Museum, 1109 Fifth Avenue at 92nd Street
The Jewish Museum will present Sacred Trash: The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza on Monday, October 31 at 11:30 am. In this program, authors Peter Cole and Adina Hoffman offer a vibrant view of medieval Mediterranean Jewish … Continue reading
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Sacred Trash a small masterpiece

Thursday, January 1
"Part biography and part meditation on the supreme value the Jewish people placed on the written word, Sacred Trash is above all a gripping tale of adventure and redemption." Continue reading
Happy Birthday, Statue of Liberty! This month, the Statue of Liberty turns 125 years old. Originally a gift of friendship from France to the United States, the Statue has become the voice of welcome for generations of immigrants due to … Continue reading
Featured Event

Jonathan Sarna at 92YTribeca for their 92YU Series

Tuesday, March 20 12:00 PM
200 Hudson Street, New York, NY
More information to come.
Featured Event

Jonathan Sarna at 92nd Street Y with JTS

Tuesday, March 20 7:30 PM
Warburg Lounge, 1395 Lexington Avenue, New York City
More information to come.
“It has taken over a century, and two non-academics, for us to have such a readable, at times gripping, account of one of the most important modern discoveries of written material from the Middle ages….[A] wonderful book.” Continue reading
"It is a charming little anthology that gives testimony to Birthright's power to enrich and even change individual lives." Continue reading
"This is principally a story about intractable internecine politics and a fierce politician whose intelligence, will, biblical convictions and courage were fundamental in the successful creation of Israel." Continue reading
"As Lipstadt elegantly puts it, "The world heard the story of the Holocaust differently and stronger: The telling might not have been entirely new, but the hearing was."" Continue reading
"Kamenetz makes it clear that he is not a mystic, not a Hasid, not even much of a practicing Jew, but nobody reading Burnt Books will doubt that he is spiritually inclined and soulfully attuned." Continue reading
"Mysterious travel by steamer and train. Piles of bakshish paid for the privelege of crawling through spaces filled with dust, mold, and excrement. Intrigue, claim, and counter-claim by outsized personalities and rival institutions. I have to admit that I never expected to find these packed between the covers of a book on the Cairo Geniza. But I did." Continue reading
"This latest addition to the growing genre of Birthright literature is pure fun. Billed as "liner notes for the latest album of Jewish life in America," it's a collection of college application-length personal essays by twenty-somethings who participated in Birthright Israel within the last five years." Continue reading
Featured Event

Robert Pinsky at Folger Elizabethan Theatre

Tuesday, October 4
Folger Elizabethan Theatre, 201 E. Capitol St. SE
A reading and discussion by three-term United States Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky.
Featured Event

Sweet Like Sugar reading in NYC with Nextbook Press’ Wayne Hoffman and Tablet Magazine’s Alana Newhouse

Monday, September 12 7:00 PM - Monday, September 12 8:00 PM
Barnes and Noble West 82nd Street at Broadway New York, NY
Wayne Hoffman will be reading from his new novel, Sweet Like Sugar. This event is sponsored by Tablet magazine; Tablet editor Alana Newhouse will be leading a Q&A session following the reading. Sweet Like Sugar follows an unexpected friendship between … Continue reading
Buoyed by high attendance and an overwhelming response in the recent past, the George T. Hunter Lecture Series returns with a lineup of nationally renowned experts for 2011-2012. Michelle Rhee, Armando Carbonell, Robert Pinsky and Michael Pollan are speakers for … Continue reading
“David Lehman and Kevin Young, editors of this collection of poetry (Best American Poetry 2011), and contributor, Natasha Trethewey, will share their experiences and read selections from this text .”
Join Gilad Sharon, the youngest son of former Israeli Prime Minster Ariel Sharon, as he discusses his new book on his father.
“…poet Emma Lazarus gave voice to the Statue of Liberty and generations of newcomers to America. However, few people know her fascinating story, her Sephardic background, her American roots, and her work for Jewish causes and a Jewish homeland. Learn … Continue reading
Readers will enjoy Peres’s analysis of his relationship with Ben-Gurion and will find his humility appealing: “Why did Ben-Gurion take to me?” And his emotional admissions—that he had never “met a man with [as much] inner strength and determination” as Ben-Gurion and that like “Churchill, the other details of [Ben-Gurion’s] life shrink into insignificance alongside the decisions made at a crucial juncture in Israel’s history”—elevate this book above a standard biography. Continue reading
“Adina Hoffman and MacArthur-winning poet Peter Cole have written a new book about the find…They tell Marty about the scholars who brought the long forgotten manuscripts to light and what the documents reveal about the people of the past.” Continue reading
“Deborah Lipstadt, Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University and author of The Eichmann Trial, talks with Charlie Rose about her new book." Continue reading
“It is a testament to Cole and Hoffman that they have fleshed out these ghosts, and patiently constructed a vivid, human saga every bit as extraordinary as a miracle.” Continue reading
“…A penetrating and authoritarian dissection of a landmark case and its after effects.” Continue reading
“Historian Deborah Lipstadt rakes over the evidence to throw a new beam of light on the past – the trial, the crimes and the key stakeholders. Inevitable, then, the work becomes a mixed-genre text: part history and part historiography, that uniquely absorbing domain specializing in how history itself has been studied." Continue reading
“The Eichmann Trial gives an overview of the trial and analyzes the dramatic effect that the survivors’ courtroom testimony had on the world.” Continue reading
“…throughout Sacred Trash, the intellectual excitement never flags, since, in the end, the revelations the genizah provided altered our conception of what Jewish life was like in the ancient world and beyond.” Continue reading
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#on1ft Challenge: Tweeting Judaism

Friday, July 15
When the great sage Hillel was asked to explain the essence of Judaism while a would-be convert “stood on one foot,” he answered: What is hateful unto you, do not do unto your neighbor. That is the whole torah, all … Continue reading
Sacred Trash makes it clear that it was hard to know what, in that collection of Cairo writings, was a jewel and what was garbage. One man’s urgent treasure, the authors suggest, was another scholar’s “pestiferous wrack.” Continue reading
Announcing their first ever non-fiction Twitter Book Club read, The Eichmann Trial by Deborah Lipstadt! Join the discussion on the book with Deborah on Wednesday, July 20th, 12:30-1:10 (Eastern). Follow @JewishBook and keep an eye on #JBCBooks for updates and … Continue reading
It is arguably the best non-fiction book of 2011...[Deborah Lipstadt] tells the story of this trial, what prompted it, how it was defended, the reactions on all sides, and how she won, in her introduction to this almost novel-like history of the Eichmann trial. Continue reading
Much of what is known as the great American songbook is the result of a group of composers who emerged from a common ethnic background. Several libraries will be celebrating that legacy by presenting a traveling exhibit, “A Fine Romance: Jewish Songwriters, American Songs, 1910‐1965.” Continue reading
"In a sense, the book is a sequel to Mamet's first polemic, "The Wicked Son," a 2006 study of "anti-Semitism, self-hatred and the Jews." But where "The Wicked Son" is a wounded cry, "The Secret Knowledge" is a work of liberation." Continue reading
Featured Event

Deborah Lipstadt Q&A

Thursday, January 1
"In fact, one of the British papers stated, “Not since the Nuremburg Trials and the Eichmann Trial has there been as important a Holocaust trial.” [Jonathan] Rosen figured it would be very interesting given my perspective. I thought he was being ridiculous." Continue reading
President Obama said, “I am grateful these accomplished men and women have agreed to join this Administration, and I’m confident they will serve ably in these important roles. I look forward to working with them in the coming months and years.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Rodger Kamenetz at the Dreaming Stories Into Life Retreat

Wednesday, September 7 - Sunday, September 11
Isabella Friedman Jewish Retreat Center, 116 Johnson Road Falls Village, CT 06031
This retreat is an introduction to dreamwork and the spiritual power of storytelling. Starting with Genesis and those primordial dreamers Jacob and Joseph, tradition intertwines dream and story. That is because imagination has the power to awaken us to the … Continue reading
"A new exhibition about the trial at the Topography of Terror Museum here devotes a section to reappraising the work of the philosopher Hannah Arendt, pointing out that she failed to attend much of the trial, never saw Eichmann cross-examined and thus didn’t witness his “just following orders” defense crumble." Continue reading
“A literary jewel whose pages turn like those of a well-paced thriller, but with all the chiseled elegance and flashes of linguistic surprise that we associate with poetry…Sacred Trash has made history both beautiful and exciting.” Continue reading
“A multi-layered work that provokes admiration and excites the imagination on many levels.” Continue reading
“Sacred Trash is entertaining, lucid, enormously erudite and extremely well-written. Between them the writers possess all the scholarly equipment and narrative gifts that are required for the telling of this tale, and they have done a marvelous job of it. The Geniza is one of the world’s richest and greatest archives: Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole have given it the biography it deserves.” Continue reading
"Beautifully written, learned and lucid, 'Sacred Trash' is a treasure that should not be hidden.... Exquisitely realized." Continue reading
“Both lively and elevating . . . An extended act of celebration of Cairo’s historical Jewish community, their documents, and their documents’ 20th-century students . . . wonderfully revived by Hoffman and Cole.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at the Park Avenue Synagogue

Tuesday, June 28
50 East 87th Street, New York, NY 10128
Join the authors as they discuss Sacred Trash. Details on the synagogue’s website.
Featured Event

The Eichmann Trial in International Perspective: Impact, Developments, and Challenges, International Conference

Tuesday, May 24 - Thursday, May 26
Stiftung Topographie des Terrors Niederkirchnerstraße 8, 10963 Berlin, Germany
Co-organized by the Museum’s Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies and the Topography of Terror Foundation, this interdisciplinary conference will examine the legacy of the Eichmann trial 50 years on. The trial was broadcast widely on radio and television, bringing the … Continue reading
"Sacred Trash is best known for its wonderful way of weaving together the men and women who discovered the geniza, their motivations and personalities with their discoveries." Continue reading
Featured Event

David Lehman is Baltimore Bound for A Fine Romance

Tuesday, May 24 7:00 PM
6400 Hemlock Drive, Eldersburg, MD 21784
In connection with his award winning A Fine Romance: Jewish Songwriters American Songs, David Lehman will make a presentation at the Eldersburg Branch of the Baltimore Public Library. A traveling exhibit based on the book will visit 55 public libraries … Continue reading
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at Chicago’s Newberry Library

Wednesday, June 8 6:00 PM
60 West Walton Street, Chicago, IL
This event is co-sponsored by the Newberry Library’s A.C. McClurg Bookstore. Admission is free and no reservations are required.
Featured Event

Deborah Lipstadt on Panel, “Wagner Through A Jewish Lens”

Thursday, May 26 7:00 PM
The Enigma of Wagner’s Genius and Anti-Semitism With Panelists: Deborah Lipstadt, Emory University Randy Cohen, Former author of The New York Times column “The Ethicist” Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle Music Editor Wagner composed music of astounding beauty. He was … Continue reading
Featured Event

Lecture on The Eichmann Trial for Stephen S. Wise Temple and Schools

Tuesday, May 17 7:00 PM - Tuesday, May 17 10:00 PM
15500 Stephen S. Wise Drive Los Angeles, California 90077
The capture of SS Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann by Israeli agents in Argentina in May of 1960, and his subsequent trial in Tel Aviv by an Israeli court, electrified the world. The public debate it sparked on where, how, and … Continue reading
“A wonderfully passionate and lively account of a civilization we could not have imagined existed and of the men and women whose enthusiasm and dedication brought it to light.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Emma Lazarus exhibit at Colorado’s Aurora Central Library

Wednesday, May 11 - Friday, June 24
14949 E. Alameda Parkway, Aurora, Colorado
“Emma Lazarus: Voice of Liberty, Voice of Conscience” exhibit curated by Esther Schor and distributed to libraries by ALA and Nextbook Press will be at the New Brunswick temple through late June.
Featured Event

Emma Lazarus Exhibit at Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple in New Brunswick

Wednesday, May 11 - Friday, June 24
222 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, New Jersey
“Emma Lazarus: Voice of Liberty, Voice of Conscience” exhibit curated by Esther Schor and distributed to libraries by ALA and Nextbook Press will be at the New Brunswick temple through late June.
One May day in 1896, at a dining-room table in Cambridge, England, a meeting took place between a Romanian-born maverick Jewish intellectual and twin learned Presbyterian Scotswomen, who had assembled to inspect several pieces of rag paper and parchment. It … Continue reading
Featured Event

Honoring Elie Wiesel at the USHMM’s Inaugural Museum Award

Monday, May 16 6:30 PM
Wardman Park Marriott, Washington, D.C.
The Museum is conferring its highest honor on Founding Chairman Elie Wiesel, one of humanity’s most remarkable individuals, in recognition of the singular role he has played in establishing and advancing the cause of Holocaust remembrance. The United States Holocaust … Continue reading
"On this Yom HaShoah I think it’s very important for the world to remember that evil begins with a single individual talking to another individual talking to another individual." Maybe they are motivated, as was the case in the Holocaust, by an age-old hatred, but it takes one person with another person with another person to make it happen, and that each of us as individuals have the power to say, “Stop.”" Continue reading
“Hoffman and Cole deliver a riveting true account…. Invigorating.” Continue reading
“I can’t think of another work that succeeds so well in making archival research into gripping adventure.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Deborah Lipstadt at the JCC in Manhattan

Tuesday, May 3 7:00 PM 8:30 PM
The JCC in Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10023
It has been 50 years since the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Israel electrified the world. Award winning historian, Deborah Lipstadt, professor at Emory University, has marked this anniversary with a book about the trial under the Nextbook imprint. Author … Continue reading
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at Yale University

Thursday, April 14 4:00 PM
Whitney Humanities Center at Yale, Room 208
Celebrating the publication of their new book: Sacred Trash: The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza Peter Cole and Adina Hoffman
"It is a breathtaking admixture of genres (history, philosophy, journalism) and contains strong, often unconventional, moral judgments (especially her contempt for the Jewish leaders who cooperated with their murderers). It aims to render grand historical conclusions but remains unintentionally and inescapably personal." Continue reading
"Lipstadt infuses a gripping narrative with historical perspective and contemporary urgency." Continue reading
This week: Francisco Goldman discusses his new novel, “Say Her Name”; the historian Deborah Lipstadt revisits the trial of Adolf Eichmann; and Pamela Paul talks about Beverly Cleary. As always, Julie Bosman has notes from the field; and Jennifer Schuessler has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is the host. Continue reading
"Lipstadt's The Eichmann Trial is an important addition to the body of works related to the Eichmann trial, and the Holocaust. As such, it is ideal for use as a supplemental text in both high school and college courses dealing with the Holocaust, World War II, genocide studies, and international law. Continue reading
“[Sacred Trash] is a work that will surely become an indispensable read for a growing popular audience of scholarly Jewish literature…..Within the academic community, as well, Sacred Trash will capture the interest of so many students, of all scholarly ages, for its ability to tell the single story of several generations of scholars, woven together in a clear narrative that … has the reader eagerly awaiting the turn of the page.” Continue reading
"It's a priceless puzzle which is gradually revealing a clearer picture of medieval Jewish life and literature." Continue reading
“Lipstadt has done a great service by untethering the trial from Arendt’s polarizing presence, recovering the event as a gripping legal drama, as well as a hinge moment in Israel’s history and in the world’s delayed awakening to the magnitude of the Holocaust . . . . After recounting the trial so vividly, Lipstadt recounts the aftermath . . . . Her conclusions about ‘Eichmann in Jerusalem’ are rendered calmly and with devastating fairness. This is the right tone.” Continue reading
"These stories paint a more complex, nuanced and ultimately humane image of life and travel in this nook of the Middle East." Continue reading
"The Eichmann trial was one of the first times the world heard that many Jews actively fought German tyranny." Continue reading
Fifty years ago one of the world's most notorious war criminals sat in a courtroom for a trial that would be among the first in history to be completely televised. Listen to the story on All Things Considered. Continue reading
"Aimed at an academic audience, the book is replete with references to primary-source material and thus constitutes an authoritative analysis of the historical and legal issues involved in a trial of international significance. Highly recommended for students, scholars, and researchers analyzing actions and motives of war crimes perpetrators and their victims as well as for history buffs." Continue reading
Featured Event

Revisiting Eichmann at NYC’s Center for Jewish History

Thursday, April 14 6:30 PM
5 West 16th Street New York, New York 10011
The Jewish Week and Nextbook Press Present: Adolf Eichmann, SS Lieutenant Colonel and facilitator of the plan to exterminate the Jews during the Holocaust, was captured by the Israeli Mossad in Argentina in 1960, 15 years after the end of … Continue reading
"Lipstadt’s book is not primarily a lawyer’s firsthand, play-by-play account of the dynamics of a “trial of the century.” Telford Taylor’s Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials (1992) is that kind of book. By contrast, Lipstadt seems more absorbed in taking on the historical debates about whether Eichmann was really just a “cog” in the Nazi machine, not even a committed anti-Semite but rather a minion who followed orders from above." Continue reading
"With her new book, “The Eichmann Trial,” historian Deborah Lipstadt attempts to refute Arendt’s main arguments. On the cover is an iconic image of Arendt—pearl-bedecked and pensive, a cigarette dangling from her fingers—and an entire chapter of the book discusses her arguments. Although other scholars have re-examined the Eichmann trial — most notably the Israeli historian Hannah Yablonka, in a book published in English in 2004 as “The State of Israel vs. Adolf Eichmann” — Lipstadt aims to reach a wider audience." Continue reading
"In "The Eichmann Trial," Deborah Lipstadt, a professor of modern Jewish history at Emory University, presents a thoughtfully researched and clearly written account of the courtroom proceedings and of the debates spurred by the trial." Continue reading
Featured Event

Deborah Lipstadt Presents “Justice and Accountability: Confronting Adolf Eichmann after the Holocaust”

Thursday, March 31 7:30 PM
Boca West Clubhouse, Cypress Ballroom, 20583 Boca West Drive, Boca Raton, FL
Free and open to the public RSVP by March 28 to Lynda Ilomaki in the Museum’s Southeast Regional Office at 561.995.6773 or southeast@ushmm.org
"When I first opened this book, I thought: what can there possibly be to add to the story of the Eichmann Trial that has not been said already in these last 50 years? But from the first page on, I was mesmerized by the way in which Deborah Lipstadt describes and evaluates the event and its repercussions." Continue reading
"In the years after the trial, we’ve seen how survivors became the driving force in the creation of Holocaust memorials and memory. Although it would be simplistic to say that the trial alone was responsible, Lipstadt argued the message is to understand that the voice of the victim is tremendously crucial." Continue reading
Featured Event

Deborah Lipstadt to speak at Viterbo in Wisconsin

Thursday, March 17 7:00 PM
Viterbo University, 900 Viterbo Drive • La Crosse, WI 54601
Deborah Lipstadt of Emory University will speak at 10:15 a.m. Thursday, March 17. She will speak to teachers attending our fifth Holocaust Educators’ Workshop, and due to the importance of her topic, we are opening it to the public for … Continue reading
"Like Kafka’s parables and the enigmatic, humane tales of Rabbi Nachman, Rodger Kamenetz’s Burnt Books has an economical generosity that is thoroughly secular, deeply religious, and seriously joking." Continue reading
"Highly recommended for students, scholars, and researchers analyzing actions and motives of war crimes perpetrators and their victims during periods of political conflict and courtroom confrontation." Continue reading
Featured Event

Reading of Sacred Trash in Cambridge

Thursday, May 26 7:00 PM
Porter Square Books, 25 White Street Cambridge, MA 02140
Join Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at Cambridge’s Porter Square Books where they will read from Sacred Trash: The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza.
Featured Event

Sacred Trash reading in Forest Hills

Tuesday, May 3 1:30 PM
67-09 108th St., New York, NY, 11375
Join Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at Havesi Jewish Heritage Library at the YM & YWHA in Forest Hills, NY.
Featured Event

Sacred Trash Reading at DC’s Politics & Prose

Monday, May 2
Politics and Prose Bookstore & Coffeeshop, 5015 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008
Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole will be reading at the bookstore. Check store website for details.
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole in Conversation in Jersey

Monday, April 11 6:00 PM
122 Nassau Street Princeton, NJ
Join the authors at Labyrinth Books in Princeton for a conversation about their collaborative title, Sacred Trash.
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at Baruch College

Thursday, April 7 5:30 PM
Baruch College, 151 East 25th Street, New York, 7th Floor
The Jewish Studies Center at Baruch College presents Peter Cole, poet and MacArthur Fellow; and Adina Hoffman, author of House of Windows: Portraits from a Jerusalem Neighborhood will discuss the significance of the 280,000 Jewish manuscript fragments found in Cairo.
Featured Event

Sacred Trash Reading and Talk at Yale

Monday, April 4 4:00 PM
53 Wall Street New Haven, CT 06511
Join Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at Yale University’s Whitney Humanities Center, Room 208
Featured Event

An Evening with Deborah Lipstadt and Peter Alexander: Justice and Accountability: Confronting Adolf Eichmann After the Holocaust

Tuesday, April 5 7:30 PM 10:00 PM
The Puck Building 295 Lafayette Street (South of Houston) New York, NY
On the occasion of the launch of her new book, The Eichmann Trial, which marks the 50th anniversary of that “trial of the century,” the Museum welcomes award-winning historian Deborah E. Lipstadt for an evening event in New York. NBC … Continue reading
"This April, the Schocken / Nextbook Jewish Encounters series will publish “Sacred Trash: The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza” by Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole, which tells in dynamic fashion the story of the retrieval of what has often been called the greatest discovery of Jewish manuscripts ever made." Continue reading
"What I love about it is the narrator of the piece is great evidence that craft and dedication don't have to go away in a digital world. We can connect new possibilities with our oldest traditions." Continue reading
"It’s worth noting that Le Bé’s resurrection was commissioned explicitly for an e-book, a medium that let Kosovsky experiment in ways not possible with a physical book. For instance, he was able vary page lengths, depending on the size of each poem. A longer poem got a longer page, a shorter poem a shorter one." Continue reading
"The next two titles in Nextbook’s Jewish Encounters series are not biographies like most of the previous volumes, but books sharply focused on events." Continue reading
"Halkin’s biography, a very wide-ranging and ambitious work, is popular in the best sense of the term. Written in a lively and informal style, the book captures the drama and color of Halevi’s life, of the Mediterranean societies in which he lived, and of his reputation’s vicissitudes throughout the ages. And though it dispenses with footnotes and relegates all technical discussions to a series of appendices, it is based on solid scholarship, displaying a deep familiarity with the relevant primary sources and secondary literature. In a recent interview Halkin commented, ‘‘Yehudah Halevi is one of the perhaps few great writers that the more you know him as a person, the more you love him as a person.’’ That love, without dulling Halkin’s critical sensibilities, comes through in the biography." Continue reading
"This e-book marks the debut of the new Hebrew types Kosofsky made with Matthew Carter, after originals by Guillaume Le Bé." Continue reading
Featured Event

Rodger Kamenetz to Speak at the Menorah-Cheshire Reform Synagogue in Manchester

Saturday, February 26 6:00 PM
198 Altrincham Road Manchester M22 4RZ
Elliot Cohen has invited the best-selling American author (Professor) Rodger Kamenetz to speak at the Menorah Synagogue at 6.00pm about his new book ‘Burnt Books’. Elliot will also be bringing his guitar for some Hassidic Niggunim to introduce the talk. … Continue reading
Featured Event

A Salon with Scott-Martin Kosofsky at the Type Directors Club

Thursday, March 10 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
347 West 36th Street, Suite 603, New York, New York
Tales From the Borderlands of Typographic Experience A typographic perfectionist talks about the architecture of complex books for complex times Hypertexts are nothing new; the desire to keep multiple strands of related text together on a page goes far back … Continue reading
Nextbook Press is pleased to make available here, in its first original e-book, this collection of 35 poems by Yehuda Halevi in their original Hebrew, alongside masterful translations and annotations by renowned essayist, critic, and translator Hillel Halkin, who is the author of a biography of Halevi for Nextbook Press. Designed by Scott Martin-Kosofsky, using a new Hebrew font revived from centuries ago, this digital poetry chapbook is available for free. Continue reading
"We need more people like Hillel. This is the central theme of R. Joseph Telushkin’s eloquent and thoughtful Hillel: If Not Now, When? and I cannot imagine anyone disagreeing with it. " Continue reading
"My last book was a nonfiction about Spinoza. It was [subtitled] “The Renegade Jew Who Gave Us Modernity." Through that book I got drawn, in a peripheral kind of way, into the debate between the so-called "new atheists" and others. I started being invited to speak at various of the conferences of the new atheists, and I was just struck by the lack of communication between [atheists and believers]. I was struck by the lack of charity and the failure – on both sides – to understand what the other was getting at. And the amount of emotion that was involved." Continue reading
Featured Event

Rodger Kamenetz Hits the Distinguished Speaker Series in Los Gatos, CA

Sunday, March 13 7:30 PM
Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center of Silicon Valley, Los Gatos, CA
Rodger Kamenetz is an award winning poet and author and has been called “the most formidable of the Jewish poets.” Kamenetz has long been engaged in the study and practice of Jewish spirituality. Come hear him speak at the APJCC. … Continue reading
“Charming and unobtrusively erudite.... Hoffman and Cole have produced colorful portraits of the Geniza scholars, their intellectual passions, their scholarly agendas and controversies, and in some cases, their personal egos and jealousies...Fascinating...a very human story.” Continue reading
"...equal parts treasure hunt for the sacred and historical and Herculean rescue of important texts.... Sacred Trash is a wonderfully accessible and exciting account of ‘numerous heroes, medieval and modern’ and their discoveries of artifacts that have transformed our understanding of the interplay between history and religion.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Sacred Trash Talk and Reading in New York

Sunday, April 10 4:00 PM
Jewish Theological Seminary in the Women's League Seminary Synagogue
Join Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole at the Jewish Theological Seminary in the Women’s League Seminary Synagogue.
Join the authors for a talk and reading at the Westville Synagogue.
Featured Event

Sacred Trash, “absorbing”

Thursday, January 1
"Absorbing … Hoffman and Cole are adroit in their exegesis … [Sacred Trash is] an accessible, neatly narrated story of hallowed detritus and the resurrection of nearly 1,000 years of culture and learning." Continue reading
Featured Event

Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole read from Sacred Trash

Wednesday, May 4 6:30 PM
Congregation Magen David of Union Square, New York
Join Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole for a talk and reading for the Center for Sephardic Heritage.
"Rupert Murdoch recently made a stirring pro-Israel speech to the ADL but, as his attempt to purchase BSkyB is being adjudicated in the UK, it is incidents like these that should carefully be kept in mind." Continue reading
Featured Event

Sacred Trash

Thursday, January 1
Acclaimed essayist Adina Hoffman and MacArthur-winning poet and translator Peter Cole tell the story of the recovery from a Cairo geniza (a repository for worn-out texts) of the most vital cache of Hebrew manuscripts ever discovered. Part biography and part … Continue reading
"The 10 days I spent in Israel were 10 of the best days of my life. I became close to several of my fellow students, who were all very welcoming and made me feel a part of the Jewish community." Continue reading
"As a whole, the reflections in this compilation are insightful, tender, thought-provoking, clever and funny." Continue reading
"It is one of the pleasures of A Fine Romance: Jewish Songwriters, American Songs, poet and critic David Lehman’s quirky romp through 20th-century American popular song — a book combining history, anecdote, memoir, poetry, and biography — that we can read stories like this about an enduring part of American culture." Continue reading
Mining the surprisingly parallel strains, yet stunning incongruities, of the most intriguing Jews of the past 200 years is a bold venture. Welcome to the cross-section of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav, the early 19th-century spiritualist guru of radical religious meaning, and Franz Kafka, the early 20th-century existentialist extraordinaire. Continue reading
Featured Event

The Eichmann Trial

Thursday, January 1
Award-winning historian Deborah Lipstadt gives us an overview of the trial and analyzes the dramatic effect that the testimony of survivors in a court of law— which was itself not without controversy— had on a world that had until then … Continue reading
Hillel Halkin’s biography of the philosopher, doctor, communal leader and, arguably, the greatest Jewish poet of medieval Spain is almost a love letter. A man who also chose life in Israel, Halkin empathizes with Halevi’s extreme longing for Zion. Continue reading
"Telushkin's reader-friendly style acquaints us with the different approaches of Hillel and Shammai which continue to resonate today...This book should provoke many interesting discussions." Continue reading
"I know many Jews who, in European terminology, would be classified as "centre left." They believe that the domestic and foreign policies of the Republican Party bode poorly for America. They abhor Sarah Palin and fear the Tea Party and what they consider to be its rather simplistic world view. Irrespective of where they live, their daily paper is The New York Times..." Continue reading
“Birthright’s alumni reveal the high and low points of their sojourns abroad, and examine their religio-Zionist identities before and after. Men and women, straight and gay: Most came home reinvigorated as Jews…there are moving transformations.” Continue reading
Featured Event

London’s Jewish Book Week presents Rodger Kamenetz

Sunday, February 27 12:30 PM
Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way, London
Rodger Kamenetz will jetset to London’s Jewish Book Week to present his Burnt Books along with Susannah Heschel of Dartmouth College.
Featured Event

The Dylan Sessions: Save the Date

Wednesday, January 19 7:00 PM 10:00 PM
14th Street Y, 344 East 14th Street (between 1st and 2nd Aves), New York, NY
If you’re in the New York City area and are hankering for a night of edifying entertainment, then head over to the 14th Street Y, on Wednesday, January 19th, by 7 p.m. Why? Novelist/Musician Rick Moody and Poet/Musical Historian David Lehman will be talkin’ bout Bob … Continue reading
"And as Lehman ably explains in A Fine Romance (Nextbook, 222 pp.), his perceptive history of the influence of Jewish songwriters on the American musical catalog, “the Jewish element in American popular song is a property not only of the notes and chords but of the words as well, or, more exactly, the union between words and music.” Jewish songwriters absorbed and displayed a discerning understanding of American culture." Continue reading
"Easily the year's best, however, is Hillel Halkin's Yehuda Halevi, which packs enough learning into one small volume for three or four scholarly studies but does so with an unrivaled lightness of touch and an unembarrassed partisan love for Jews, Jewish books, and the Jewish state." Continue reading
As a symbol of culture, freedom, and modernity, the city of Paris held a magnetic attraction for artists from Eastern Europe during the early decades of the twentieth century. Most painters and sculptors settled in a vibrant area of Paris … Continue reading
Rodger Kamenetz, author of the international bestseller “The Jew in the Lotus,” will present the annual Samuel Schick Lecture at Allegheny College at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 23, in the Tippie Alumni Center. The lecture, which is free and … Continue reading
"In every practical consideration, they were both total losers right through to their deaths. They only became posthumous winners because those closest to them refused to carry out their dearest and most important wishes. Our obsessions about them reveal our own inner emptiness and cravings for guidance. Mr. Kamenetz's wonderful, sympathetic book is the best of places to start." Continue reading
"Burnt Books is a fascinating and intellectually challenging journey of heart and mind." Continue reading
Featured Event

Rodger Kamenetz at the AWP Conference in DC

Wednesday, February 2 1:00 PM
Omni Shoreham Hotel, DC
Memoir, Spirituality and the Self in the Narcissistic Culture of Our Time. Elizabeth Kadetsky, Rodger Kamenetz, Farideh Goldin, Julia Spciher Kasdorf) If one believes the detractors, memoir bears responsibility second only to reality TV for fomenting this “narcissistic” age, in … Continue reading
Featured Event

Rodger Kamenetz at the 16th Street JCC in Washington DC

Tuesday, December 14 7:30 PM
16th Street JCC, 1529 16th Street NW, Washington DC
Join Rodger Kamenetz for his discussion on Burnt Books at the DC JCC on Tuesday, December 14 at 7:30.
Kamenetz's dramatic and revelatory double portrait is built on a solid foundation of elegantly explicated Jewish thought deepened by the story of his journey to Ukraine to visit Rabbi Nachman's grave. Here is a whole new slant on Kafka, a unique and affecting portrait of a creative holy man, and a radiant inquiry in celebration of how both sacred texts and great literature are open to "infinite interpretation." Continue reading
Featured Event

What We Brought Back: Jewish Life After Birthright Reading at Brooklyn’s Pete’s Candy Store

Thursday, December 23 7:00 PM - Thursday, December 23 8:30 PM
Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St, Williamsburg, BK
Join us for a reading by several contributors to What We Brought Back: Jewish Life After Birthright. Published in December, this anthology – a project of Nextbook Inc. and Birthright Israel NEXT, published by Toby Press, and edited by Wayne … Continue reading
Featured Event

What We Brought Back: Jewish Life After Birthright Reading at The Strand

Tuesday, January 11 7:00 PM
The Strand Bookstore 828 Broadway (@12th Street)
Join us for a reading by several contributors to What We Brought Back: Jewish Life After Birthright. Published in December, this anthology – a project of Nextbook Inc. and Birthright Israel NEXT, published by Toby Press, and edited by Wayne Hoffman … Continue reading
Join us for a reading by several contributors to What We Brought Back: Jewish Life After Birthright. Published in December, this anthology – a project of Nextbook Inc. and Birthright Israel NEXT, published by Toby Press, and edited by Wayne Hoffman … Continue reading
Join us for a reading by several contributors to What We Brought Back: Jewish Life After Birthright. Published in December, this anthology – a project of Nextbook Inc. and Birthright Israel NEXT, published by Toby Press, and edited by Wayne Hoffman … Continue reading
Featured Event

What We Brought Back: Jewish Life After Birthright Reading at Chicago’s Uncommon Ground

Tuesday, December 14 6:30 PM - Tuesday, December 14 8:00 PM
Uncommon Ground, 3800 N. Clark Street (@ West Grace)
Join us for a reading by several contributors to What We Brought Back: Jewish Life After Birthright. Published in December, this anthology – a project of Nextbook Inc. and Birthright Israel NEXT, published by Toby Press, and edited by Wayne Hoffman … Continue reading
Telushkin offered this piece of wisdom as a frequently ignored aphorism from Hillel: An ill-tempered person can’t be a teacher. “We don’t learn well when we’re afraid,” Telushkin said, his voice rising as he punched the air for emphasis. “You want to make people love the material. When you teach with love, the love suffuses the people who are learning it. So he lived 2,000 years ago? What he taught is still relevant. These aren’t clichés; these are life lessons that can still affect the way we live.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in Brooklyn

Friday, December 3 8:00 pm - Friday, December 3 11:30 pm
The Rock Shop, 249 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in New York

Saturday, December 4 8:30 pm - Saturday, December 4 11:30 pm
City Winery, 155 Varick St, New York, NY
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in Philadelphia

Sunday, December 5 7:00 pm - Sunday, December 5 11:00 pm
M Room, 15 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in Arlington

Monday, December 6 7:30 pm - Monday, December 6 11:00 pm
IOTA Club & Cafe, 2832 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in Pittsburgh

Wednesday, December 8 7:00 pm - Wednesday, December 8 11:00 pm
Thunderbird Cafe, 4023 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in Birmingham

Wednesday, December 15 8:00 pm - Wednesday, December 15 11:00 pm
Bottle Tree, 3719 3rd Ave South, Birmingham, AL
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in Nashville

Tuesday, December 14 8:30 pm - Tuesday, December 14 11:00 pm
3rd & Lindsley, 818 3rd Ave. S., Nashville, TN
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in St. Louis

Sunday, December 12 7:30 pm - Sunday, December 12 11:00 pm
Off Broadway Nightclub, 3509 Lemp Ave., St. Louis, MO
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in Chicago

Saturday, December 11 6:00 pm - Saturday, December 11 10:00 pm
Beauty Bar, 1444 West Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in Bloomington

Friday, December 10 8:00 pm - Friday, December 10 11:30 pm
The Bishop, 123 S. Walnut St., Bloomington, IN
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Clare Burson in Cleveland

Thursday, December 9 7:00 pm - Thursday, December 9 11:30 pm
Grog Shop, 2785 Euclid Hts Blvd, Cleveland Heights, OH
Clare Burson’s lush string arrangements and rich vocals – at times wistful, at times full of desperation, but at all times direct – come together to fill her songs with nostalgia and longing. According to NPR Burson “brings together old … Continue reading
Featured Event

Festival of Strikes

Tuesday, November 30 7:00 PM
Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Tablet Magazine is a proud co-sponsor of Festival of Strikes a Hanukkah party and concert to benefit JDub. Join comedian Eugene Mirman and kick off the holiday season one night early! Featuring live performances by The Sway Machinery, DeLeon and … Continue reading
Featured Event

Jews & Politics

Tuesday, November 30 7:00 PM
Sixth & I, Washington, D.C.
Susan Sher, Michelle Obama’s chief of staff and the White House’s liaison to the Jewish community, will join New York Times writer Jodi Kantor as a Midwestern voice in one of a series of discussions to explore how Jews around … Continue reading
Featured Event

“With All Thine Heart: Love and the Bible” Author Talks with Ilan Stavans and Barry Moser

Sunday, November 21 2:00 PM
The Yiddish Book Center, Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building, 1021 West Street Amherst, MA 01002
The author and artist discuss depictions of the Bible and their recent collaboration.
"...the paper trail in the Talmud and Midrash gives many clues as to the kind of man he was, and that’s what Telushkin focused on during his five years of research and writing." Continue reading
It's hard to imagine two more disparate characters: the Hasidic rabbi rooted in the life of the 18th-century shtetl and the secular novelist of early 20th-century Prague. And yet in linking the biographies of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav and Franz Kafka in this profound study, poet and scholar Rodger Kamenetz weaves a web of connection so intricate it seems plausible that one of his subjects might have stared into a mirror and seen the other's face. Continue reading
Featured Event

“That Obnoxious Order”: Ulysses S. Grant and the Jews” : A Lecture by Dr. Jonathan Sarna

Wednesday, November 3 7:00 PM
NYPL Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Trustees Room, Second Floor, Room 206
During the Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant issued an order to expel all Jews from his war zone. Dr. Jonathan Sarna, the Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History at Brandeis University and chief historian of … Continue reading
Featured Event

Discover Hillel

Thursday, January 1
Thank you for your interest in Hillel. This special offer you have requested is no longer available but if you would like to stay informed of future special offers from Nextbook Press please fill out the form below. Rabbi Joseph … Continue reading
“We had a pretty full house, and I think people are looking for different ways of thinking about the world — a Jewish lens that was remarkably universal,” David Cohen said. Continue reading
If you’re a Jewish scholar, a recent convert...pick this book up. You won’t be disappointed. Continue reading
"Burnt Books" deftly blends a travel narrative with literary criticism, a double biography, and speculations about the parallel spiritual lessons of Nachman and Kafka. At one point, Kamenetz quotes an observation, by philosopher Gershom Sholem, that Kafka leads readers to "those mystical theses that lie on the narrow boundary between religion and nihilism." That's a pretty good description of "Burnt Books," too -- although Kamenetz insists, with a hearty laugh, that "this book is very much an autobiography." Continue reading
Fresh news is out that Nextbook Press Author David Lehman has won this prestigious award from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. Said Lehman in his announcement to the media, “I’ve got a feeling you’re fooling,” I said when the guy from ASCAP called. I was sure he was mouthing little white lies. But True Blue Lou was on the level. My heart stood still, and now I’m sitting on top of the world, which I’ve got on a string." Continue reading
"If you are going to descend to Kafka’s circle of hell, then it helps to have a trustworthy guide, both learned and hopeful, such as Rodger Kamenetz, who in a brilliant and fascinating new book illuminates Kafka by comparing and contrasting him with a Hasidic mystic, Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav." Continue reading
"It is not a convention biography of the Talmudic Sage, Hillel. Instead, what Rabbi Joseph Telushkin has done in this book is raise the question: What would Hillel say if he could speak to us today? His answer, according to Rabbi Telushkin, would be two-fold. He would say that ethics has priority over ritual in the Jewish system. And he would say that Judaism should be an open and a welcoming religion to those who wish to join us." Continue reading
Today - on "The Sound of Books" - with Fred Kasten - the new book from award-winning New Orleans writer Rodger Kamenetz - "Burnt Books: Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav and Franz Kafka" Continue reading
“In revisiting the career of his mentor, Shimon Peres presents a uniquely human portrait of David Ben-Gurion—a master strategist with a long view of history and an abiding vision for Israel’s future. Peres brings his nation’s founding father to life with the energy, candor, and wisdom he’s become known for in his six decades of public service.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Burnt Books Released

Tuesday, October 19
Rodger Kamenetz’s Burnt Books is released today on Amazon. Franz Kafka and Rabbi Nachman fans can now pick up a copy.
Featured Event

Judah Maccabee

Thursday, January 1
Award winning journalist Jeffrey Goldberg goes looking for Judah Maccabee, the warrior priest and Hanukkah hero who, together with his brothers, defeated the Assyrian Greeks in the 2nd Century BCE.
Featured Event

Jeffrey Goldberg

Thursday, January 1
Jeffrey Goldberg, a national correspondent for The Atlantic, writes Tablet’s “Searching for Judah” column, which is based on his upcoming book for Nextbook Press’s Jewish Encounters series. Before joining The Atlantic in 2007, he was a correspondent for The New … Continue reading
Featured Event

The Book of Job

Thursday, January 1
The Jewish Encounter series will be complemented with Rabbi Kushner’s popular introduction to the Book of Job.
Featured Event

Harold Kushner helps celebrate the Global Day of Jewish Learning at the 92nd St. Y

Sunday, November 7 10:00 AM - Sunday, November 7 5:00 PM
Kaufmann Concert Hall, Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street
On Sun, November 7, 2010, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, renowned Jewish teacher, philosopher, social critic and prolific author, will complete his 45 year long project of translation of and commentary on the Talmud. On this day, Jews and non-Jews from around … Continue reading
Featured Event

Harold Kushner

Thursday, January 1
HAROLD KUSHNER is Rabbi Laureate of Temple Israel in the Boston suburb of Natick. He is best known as the author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People, and ten other books, many of them best-sellers. He has been … Continue reading
"Irrespective of how one feels about the film, there is a stunning irony inherent in this "remake". German law censors anything that promotes ideologies ruled to be dangerous to youth or anti-constitutional. One cannot, legally, buy a copy of Mein Kampf in Germany. Nor can one publicly display a swastika, deny that Auschwitz was a killing factory, or screen the original Jud Süss except in highly circumscribed settings. Any screening must be part of an educational or academic event and introduced by a historian. However, because this new film tells the story of the making of Jud Süss it can be shown, even though it re-enacts much of the original. Is censorship, even in the name of preventing the resurrection of nefarious ideologies, ever desirable?" Continue reading
Featured Event

Rodger Kamenetz at Buffalo Jewish Book Fair

Wednesday, November 3
Buffalo Jewish Book Fair
Featured Event

David Lehman at Ohio Wesleyan University

Wednesday, November 17
Ohio Wesleyan University
David Lehman will be presenting a lecture and poetry reading at OWU. Please check back to the college website for updated details.
Featured Event

David Lehman, reading as the Milton Kessler Distinguished Poetry Reader.

Tuesday, October 26 8:00 PM
Engineering Auditorium, EB-110, 4400 Vestal Parkway, Vestal, NY 13850
Lehman will read Oct. 26 as this year’s Milton Kessler Distinguished Poetry Reader. A book signing and reception will follow.
Featured Event

KGB Poetry: Catherine Barnett & David Lehman

Monday, October 25 7:00 PM - Monday, October 25 9:00 PM
KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street, New York
David Lehman is one of the founders of the Monday Night Poetry Series at KGB Bar. Join him and Catherine Barnett for a reading.
Featured Event

SB Southampton’s Writers Speak Series: David Lehman & Bill Henderson

Wednesday, October 20 7:00 PM
Stony Brook Southampton - Chancellors Hall, 239 Montauk Highway Southampton
Best American Poetry series editor David Lehman and Pushcart Prize anthology editor Bill Henderson expound on superlatives, the zeitgeist, literary magazines, and the writing life from the perspective of their geniuses and readings of their creative work. Reading, Reception & … Continue reading
"This is a tour de force. Hillel Halkin's Yehuda Halevi is a complex, daring, and consistently fascinating biography of a complex and daring man, one of the great heroes of Hebrew literature and Jewish history. Halevi comes second only to King David in his fame and influence as a Hebrew poet. He was also a renowned theologian who, in his last years, abandoned life in the fast lane of medieval Spain to make the perilous journey to settle in the land of Israel...a biography to last many generations." Continue reading
Featured Event

Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Joseph Telushkin at Rochester University

Tuesday, October 26 12:30 PM
Interfaith Chapel, Rochester University
Featured Event

Dr. Sherwin Nuland to speak at Yale’s Humanities in Medicine Conference: “Medicine, Technology, and Ethics: Past, Present and Future”

Thursday, October 21 5:00 PM
 Beaumont Room of the Yale School of Medicine, 333 Cedar St., New Haven
Featured Event

Discover Yehuda Halevi

Thursday, January 1
Thank you for your interest in Nextbook Press’s Jewish Encounters book series. It is our pleasure to offer a free copy of Nextbook Press’s new book Yehuda Halevi by Hillel Halkin to you as a respected educator in the Jewish … Continue reading
"This Midwestern epic, which seemed to capture the country’s most idealized image of itself—this story about cowboys and farmers, with names like Curly and Laurey and Jud—was being created in New York City by two Jews, with names like Hammerstein and Rogazinsky (Anglicized to Rodgers by the composer’s grandfather)." Continue reading
"If you have something worth teaching, and it's principles of how to behave, then presumably, those principles will be helpful to people from any group." Continue reading
"Joseph Telushkin, a scholar and Orthodox rabbi who has made Jewish literacy his mission in earlier books, has composed a compact, thoughtful biography of the sage." Continue reading
Featured Event

Rodger Kamenetz to speak at Austin Jewish Book Fair

Thursday, November 11 - Sunday, November 21
JCC Community Hall
Rodger Kamenetz, who gathered international fame for The Jew in the Lotus, will take us on a philosophical and historical journey with his latest work, Burnt Books. For more information, visit the Austin Jewish Book Fair website.
Join Rodger Kamenetz as he reads from his book, Burnt Books at the New Orleans JCC.
Doctor Konner's "The Tangled Wing" blog on Psychology Today deconstructs various relevant topics in Anthropology, Biology, and Human Nature regularly. Continue reading
Featured Event

Sherwin Nuland at the Chicago Humanities Festival

Friday, November 5 6:00 PM 7:00 PM
Northwestern University School of Law, Thorne Auditorium
In his talk, Dr. Nuland will seek to illuminate the extraordinary ethical pressures exerted on today’s doctors by technology, economics, and end-of-life issues.
Featured Event

Maimonides author Sherwin Nuland to speak at TED-MED

Tuesday, October 26 - Friday, October 29
Hotel del Coronado, San Diego
Sherwin B. Nuland will present on the topic, “Has Technology Changed a Physician’s Values?” at Hotel Coronado in San Diego at this acclaimed Medical conference offshoot of TED Conferences. Created by Marc Hodosh and Richard Saul Wurman, TEDMED celebrates conversations … Continue reading
Join David Lehman at Boston’s Paramount Theatre for a musical tour of the works of Irving Berlin, the Gershwin brothers, Harold Arlen and other Jewish songwriters who transformed American music.
"Though he's one of the great sages of the Jewish people, save for an often misquoted aphorism or two, Hillel's true significance is a mystery to many Jews and members of other faiths. In this brief but rich intellectual biography addressed to a non-scholarly audience, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin attempts to fill that gap, offering a thoughtful exploration of this remarkable rabbi's teachings." Continue reading
“A marvelous, gripping book…on a profound and deep subject. It is a remarkable achievement and I highly recommend it.” Continue reading
“A masterpiece….represents a a revolution in scholarship, a new way of doing an old task, and the innovative quality of the presentation works a wonder.” Continue reading
“The venerable and much-quoted Rabbi Hillel has a lot to teach us twenty-first-century Jews. Thanks to Joseph Telushkin’s book, we experience Hillel at his most optimistic, succinct, and radical, insisting on the primacy of righteous behavior, an arms-wide welcome for converts, the challenge and blessing of lifelong Jewish learning, and the importance of Jewish educators who love their students and studies in equal measure.” Continue reading
“Joseph Telushkin’s portrait of the ancient Jewish leader Hillel jumps off the page with its contemporary resonances. Hillel’s lessons and sayings as a Talmud scholar have universal application for anyone interested in bringing dignity and peace to the world. In Hillel we find a master educator and a person of profound learning, spiritual depth, humility, and tolerance.” Continue reading
Rabbi, lecturer, ethicist, novelist, playwright, and author, Telushkin demonstrates his unusual versatility in this 15th entry in the Jewish Encounters series. This new book about Hillel, “perhaps the greatest rabbi of the Talmud,” is not a conventional biography, since little is known about Hillel’s life. What is known comes as maxims and teachings based on stories in the Talmud and the Midrash; speculation places the period of Hillel’s religious leadership from about 30 B.C.E. to 10 C.E. During that time, he and his followers, the School of Hillel, frequently had disputes with the School of Shammai, led by Hillel’s adversary. One argument they had dealt with was the attitude to be taken toward a potential convert. Hillel offered this instruction: “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. This is the entire Torah! All the rest is commentary. Now, go and study.” Telushkin points out that this response is about ethics, not about rituals nor even about God, thereby underlining Judaism’s ethical essence. Telushkin’s lucid explanations are a model of clarity, enabling readers to better understand and appreciate the significant contributions of Hillel and their contemporary applications. Continue reading
Featured Event

Rodger Kamenetz at the Jewish Public Library, Montreal

Tuesday, November 2 8:00 PM
Jewish Public Library, Montreal, Canada
Rodger Kamenetz is an award-winning poet and author, teacher and dream therapist. He wrote the landmark international bestseller The Jew in the Lotus and the National Jewish Book Award-winning Stalking Elijah. His five books of poetry include The Lowercase Jew … Continue reading
Featured Event

Joseph Telushkin at Rutgers

Wednesday, October 20 8:00 p.m.
Rutgers Student Center
Rabbi Joseph Telushkin will be speaking at Rutgers University Hillel to promote his new book, Hillel: If Not Now, When? A dessert reception will follow.
Featured Event

Joseph Telushkin in Miami

Tuesday, October 19 7:30 p.m.
Miller Center
Rabbi Joseph Telushkin will speak at the Jewish Book Festival in Miami on October 19, to promote his new book Hillel: If Not Now, When? Sponsored by the Dave and Mary Alper JCC.
Featured Event

A Life in the Theatre: David Mamet on Broadway

Tuesday, October 12
Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, New York, NY
Playwright and Nextbook Press author David Mamet (The Wicked Son) returns to Broadway this month when A Life at the Theatre starts previews at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. Patrick Stewart stars in this backstage comedy as an older actor sharing his experiences with a young up-and-comer, played by T.R. Knight. Opening night is set for October 12. Continue reading
"Whether you're looking for the complex, living Israel behind the headlines, or an antidote to facile stories about kabbalah and JDate, here's the volume for you." Continue reading
“Two yearning souls face each other and touch in this remarkable encounter, both deeply imagined and fastidiously researched. And when, forever questing, Rodger Kamenetz adds his own journey to the mix, what he gives us is so fascinating I read it hungrily. Kamenetz makes a case for the kinship of these brother storytellers that is more than irresistible: it feels inevitable.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Praise for a Poet: Yehuda Halevi

Thursday, January 1
“a thoroughly researched, carefully rendered biography that evokes the vanished world of golden age Spanish Jewry” Continue reading
“Telushkin not only describes Hillel, but joins him, beckoning to a new generation of Jews to discover the magnificence of the tradition that Hillel helped both to shape and to bequeath to all.” --Daniel Gordis, author of Saving Israel Continue reading
Featured Event

Jonathan Rosen

Thursday, January 1
Jonathan Rosen is editorial director of the Nextbook/Schocken Publishing Series. He is also the author of the novel Eve’s Apple; The Talmud and the Internet: A Journey Between Worlds; and Joy Comes in the Morning (September 2004). In 1990, Jonathan … Continue reading
Featured Event

What We Brought Back

Thursday, January 1
Dozens of contributors share personal essays, poems, and photographs from their unique Jewish journeys. Some tales are eye-opening, others are heart-breaking. Couples fall in love, friendships fall apart. Profound adventures enlighten; hilarious misadventures do, too. Welcome to the liner notes … Continue reading
Featured Event

Wayne Hoffman

Thursday, January 1
WAYNE HOFFMAN is deputy editor of Nextbook Press. He edited What We Brought Back: Jewish Life After Birthright, as well as Taglit-Birthright Israel’s Traveling Companion and Birthright Israel NEXT’s Literary Companion to Shabbat. He has written two novels—Hard and Sweet … Continue reading
Featured Event

Barney Ross applauded

Thursday, January 1
“It is not often that a modern biography ennobles not only its subject but the genre itself, but this is exactly what Mr. Century has accomplished, crafting a narrative as unsparing and inspiring as its subject.” Continue reading
“This is an excellent story of a man and his times. And proof positive that time does not relinquish its hold over men or monuments. In a sport devoted to fashioning halos for its superstars, Ross wore a special nimbus, and this book properly fits him for that.” Continue reading
“If I were the education president every White House inhabitant claims to be, the reforms would begin with putting Douglas Century’s new biography, Barney Ross on the required-reading list.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Harold Bloom praises Emma Lazarus

Thursday, January 1
“Esther Schor, herself a poet of authentic distinction, has composed a very moving and highly useful biographical critique of Emma Lazarus, a permanent poet in American and in Jewish tradition.” Continue reading
“…a sympathetic and balanced life of Lazarus.” Continue reading
Featured Event

Schor’s efforts celebrated

Thursday, January 1
“Esther Schor elaborates with fierce, protective pride in Emma Lazarus.” Continue reading
“Nuland suggests that Maimonides’ clinical thoroughness, alongside his focus on the emotional and spiritual dimension of illness, should be a model for medicine today, as embodied in the many Maimonides hospitals and medical societies that exist around the country…. In today’s religiously and politically polarized world, when crassness and fundamentalisms of all kinds are in ascendance, Maimonides’ literate, humane judgments—even across the barriers of language, belief, and time—make him more than ever a man for all seasons.” Continue reading
“Sherwin Nuland’s new biography is concise, thoughtful, informed, and altogether as fine an introduction to this monumental personality as the modern reader could wish. He writes engagingly, willing both to challenge Maimonides’ judgment and to confess to his own limitations of understanding, which are natural when evaluating the life and work of a multifaceted medieval sage.” Continue reading
"Nuland writes sympathetically, one Jewish doctor considering this most extraordinary of Jewish doctors . . . His book is a guide for those perplexed by Maimonides, as well as those ignorant of him. [It is] a deeply satisfying and humane introduction to the greatest of Jewish thinkers." Continue reading
“Rebecca Goldstein aims to show how much his heritage nonetheless pervades his later thought. To do this, she offers both a precis of Spinoza’s life and work and a history of her fascination with both.” Continue reading
“Rebecca Goldstein…manages to write both a popular biography that explains Spinoza’s thought with considerable seriousness and a philosophic biography that is a remarkably good read. That her account becomes partly autobiographical is ultimately a strength of the book, since her experience with Spinoza stands in for that of many of her readers.” Continue reading
“Elegant…splendid… Goldstein (whose book belongs to a series of short volumes on Jewish thought) wants to reclaim Spinoza’s famously dismissive attitude toward notions like ethnic identity as a paradoxically Jewish position.” Continue reading
“One would think that what would most interest a poet is David the poet (most of the biblical Psalms are ascribed to David). But that is to assume poetry is about language instead of about the world. What engages Pinsky is this character who leaps off the page: the rake who schemes until his literal dying breath, but who is also a man of exquisitely sensitive understanding and eloquent emotion.” Continue reading
“Episode by episode, Pinsky braids narrative together with literary interpretation and psychological conjecture, drawing out patterns of correspondence, filling gaps in the record with acutely engaged speculation. Bypassing the accretions of 30 centuries of piety and veneration, peering behind the Bible’s spare record of action and speech, Pinsky seeks to discern the feelings and intentions of the living person from whom the myth of David sprang.” Continue reading
“Pinsky’s language and insights are gorgeous, as we have come to expect from his poetry and his prose about poetry, and one finishes “The Life of David” with a sense of King David as a Shakespearean figur—the Bard himself, along with Hamlet, King Lear and Henry IV, all wrapped into one.” Continue reading
While at times confusing, A Fine Romance is thoroughly enjoyable, right down to the short, witty, and informative chronology at the end of the book. Whether one is familiar with this music and wants to rekindle its romance, or unfamiliar and wants to ignite such a passion, this book is just the ticket. Continue reading
“One comes away from Rashi with a clear sense – despite reading the book in translation – that Wiesel took on this project with much enthusiasm and curiosity. For an octogenarian author of more than 50 books of fiction and nonfiction, such undimmed literary passion is admirable indeed.” Continue reading
“A playful but poetic style…It is as if Rashi lived in the last century, not the last millenium…The book demonstrates the value of seeking a better understanding of this religious figure.” Continue reading
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Rashi inspires critics

Thursday, January 1
“Wiesel’s contribution to the Jewish Encounters series is an informative gem.” Continue reading
“Laced with anecdotes about the composers and the singers who made the songs famous, and the unforgettable, brilliant lyrics of the masters, the book can’t help but get you humming, let alone singing out loud your own version of the songs.” Continue reading
“David Lehman’s A Fine Romance wittily explores the enormous contribution of Jewish writers and composers to the American musical scene. Lehman finds Jewish influence, or what he calls ‘a plaintive undertow,’ even in such unlikely upbeat anthems as Gershwin’s ‘Love Walked In.’ His love-struck history is itself a major entertainment.” Continue reading
“… an appreciative, scholarly study of traditional popular song that goes into considerable and enlightening detail about the intermingling of black and Jewish popular music, primarily from the first half of the 20th century.” Continue reading
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Thursday, January 1
From one of our leading medical men of letters, a portrait of the great 12th-century philosopher and medical sage.
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Sherwin B. Nuland

Thursday, January 1
SHERWIN B. NULAND is also the author of Lost in America, How We Live, and Doctors. His writing has appeared in The New Yorker, The New Republic, The New York Times, Time, The New York Review of Books, and The American Scholar. He is a clinical professor of surgery … Continue reading
The Jewish Body” was the 2010 Honor Book for the Sophie Brody Medal, which recognizes outstanding achievement in literature that highlights the Jewish experience.The Sophie Brody Award for Excellence in Jewish Literature, Honor Book Honor Book Continue reading
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Praise for The Jewish Body

Thursday, January 1
“Helps shed light on a complicated subject.” Continue reading
“The Jewish Body. . .is a tour de force. . .a solid and readable compilation of the existing critical and scholarly literature on the Jewish body. . .[the] book is a valuable addition to the popular literature on the question “Who are the Jews?” and on why they look and act the way they do.” Continue reading
Resurrecting Hebrew is exciting and penetrating. This story will be read with deep interest by all those who are fascinated by the renaissance of an ancient language.” Continue reading
“This is a lively, inquiring biography that reveals the prideful, exceptional man behind the famous politician.” Continue reading
“Kirsch has written an important and compelling book about Benjamin Disraeli, the first Jewish prime minister of England, who famously replied, ‘Yes, I am a Jew, and when the ancestors of the right honorable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon.’ This engaging biography gives nuance and meaning to one of the most enigmatic men of the Victorian era.” Continue reading
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Praise for Benjamin Disraeli

Thursday, January 1
“Adam Kirsch has produced a charming and absorbing aperçu into one of the most fascinating statesmen of modern history. A delightful read.” Continue reading
“…a wonderfully easy read…it is altogether the best since Sidney Alexander’s monumental biography I reviewed back in 1978.” Continue reading
“Wisse is a brilliant scholar of enviable narrative gifts, and there is much to admire in this essay.” Continue reading
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Wisse fearless in Jews and Power

Thursday, January 1
"Challenging, erudite and penetrating...Wisse shows no fear in these pages in saying exactly what she thinks, and you can’t help but be impressed with her chutzpah, even if you totally disagree with her...Jews and Power makes no claim for objectivity, but it is an elucidating book. It will cause liberals to question their self-consciousness about Israel, since Wisse’s argument about Jewish apologism challenges liberal ideas of victimhood. For conservatives, the book offers an intellectual understanding of what otherwise might seem to be only tribalistic loyalties." Continue reading
“A book . . . that celebrates the Jewish return to sovereign power, in all its promise and complexity, is as unusual as it is welcome. Wisse has written such a book . . . [Jews and Power is] a good, fighting book that contains much information in few pages.” Continue reading
The Wicked Son is an intense experience, but it’s well worth the effort.” Continue reading
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Adina Hoffman & Peter Cole

Thursday, January 1
ADINA HOFFMAN is the author of House of Windows: Portraits from a Jerusalem Neighborhood and My Happiness Bears No Relation to Happiness: A Poet’s Life in the Palestinian Century, which was named one of the best twenty books of 2009 … Continue reading
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The Jewish Body

Thursday, January 1
Melvin Konner, a renowned doctor and anthropologist, takes the measure of the “Jewish body,” considering sex, circumcision, menstruation, and even those most elusive and controversial of microscopic markers—Jewish genes. With deep insight and great originality, Melvin Konner gives us nothing … Continue reading
"Moral idiots can be useful irritants, so maybe the Florida pastor who wants to burn Korans isn't all bad. He got me thinking about the great shift to e-books. " Continue reading
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Melvin Konner

Thursday, January 1
MELVIN KONNER, Ph.D., M.D., is the author of nine books and is Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Anthropology at Emory University in Atlanta, where he teaches in the anthropology, human biology, and Jewish studies programs. He has written for the … Continue reading
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Resurrecting Hebrew

Thursday, January 1
Here is the stirring story of how Hebrew was rescued from the fate of a dead language to become the living tongue of a modern nation. Stavans sets out in search of his own forgotten Hebrew as well as the … Continue reading
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Ilan Stavans

Thursday, January 1
ILAN STAVANS is the author of two collections of short stories and fifteen works of nonfiction, including On Borrowed Words and Dictionary Days. His many awards and honors include an Emmy nomination, a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Pablo Neruda Medal, and … Continue reading
“Like everything [Mamet] does, [The Wicked Son] is blunt and bracing, honest and provocative, original and gutsy.” Continue reading
“…by turns bold, courageous, and outrageous – it is a book that calls Diaspora Jews to the table and asks: ‘In or Out?’” Continue reading
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Shimon Peres

Thursday, January 1
Shimon Peres has held several diplomatic and military positions in Israel. Currently the president of Israel, he has also served twice as prime minister, been a member of 12 cabinets, and represented five political parties. He received the Nobel Peace … Continue reading
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Thursday, January 1
From Elie Wiesel, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, comes a magical book that introduces us to the towering figure of Rashi—Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki—the great biblical and Talmudic commentator of the Middle Ages. Selected as one of the Best Books … Continue reading
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Elie Wiesel

Thursday, January 1
Elie Wiesel is the author of more than fifty books, including his unforgettable international best sellers Night and A Beggar in Jerusalem, winner of the Prix Médicis. He has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States Congressional Gold Medal, … Continue reading
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A Fine Romance

Thursday, January 1
An acclaimed poet, anthologist, and cultural critic, David Lehman guides us through America in the golden age of song, when “Embraceable You”; “White Christmas”; “Easter Parade”; and countless others became nothing less than the American sound track. The stories behind … Continue reading
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David Lehman

Thursday, January 1
DAVID LEHMAN is the editor of The Oxford Book of American Poetry; and the author of seven books of poems, most recently When a Woman Loves a Man. He lives in New York City.
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Thursday, January 1
A bold new look at an iconic religious leader. Continue reading
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Joseph Telushkin

Thursday, January 1
JOSEPH TELUSHKIN is the author of sixteen books, including Jewish Literacy, The Book of Jewish Values, and A Code of Jewish Ethics, the first volume of which received a National Jewish Book Award in 2006. He is the rabbi of the Synagogue for … Continue reading
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Burnt Books

Thursday, January 1
A dual biography of the venerated Hasidic storyteller and the iconic modern literary master that uncovers surprising parallels between two tragically abbreviated lives spent in search of spiritual meaning.
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Rodger Kamenetz

Thursday, January 1
RODGER KAMENETZ is the author of The Jew in the Lotus and The History of Last Night’s Dream, and of seven other books of poetry and prose. A winner of the National Jewish Book Award, he is LSU Distinguished Professor … Continue reading
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Jonathan Sarna

Thursday, January 1
Jonathan D. Sarna is the Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History at Brandeis University. He also chairs the Academic Advisory and Editorial Board of the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives in … Continue reading
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Betraying Spinoza

Thursday, January 1
A breathtaking biography of the philosopher who became Judaism’s most famous heretic.
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Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

Thursday, January 1
REBECCA NEWBERGER GOLDSTEIN is the author of Incompleteness: The Proof and Paradox of Kurt Godel and of five novels and a book of short stories. She is a professor of philosophy and a Fellow at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute. She lives … Continue reading
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Benjamin Disraeli

Thursday, January 1
A dazzling examination of the life of one of the most powerful and enigmatic figures of the nineteenth century. A dandy, a best-selling novelist, and a man of political and sexual intrigue, Benjamin Disraeli was one of the most captivating … Continue reading
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Adam Kirsch

Thursday, January 1
ADAM KIRSCH, a book critic for the New York Sun, is a frequent contributor to the New Yorker and the New Republic. He is the author of two poetry collections, The Thousand Wells and Invasions, and two works of nonfiction … Continue reading
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Chagall: ‘Artfully Written’

Thursday, January 1
“An artfully written art biography that captures its subject in the same kaleidoscopic palette as Chagall painted.” Continue reading
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Yehuda Halevi

Thursday, January 1
A masterful biography of Yehuda Halevi, poet laureate of the Jewish people.
“Though compact – one can read it in an afternoon – Wilson’s book is a full biography in terms of illuminating the major chapters in the artist’s life and career. It’s elegantly written and bluntly honest about some aspects of that life that other biographers have ignored or glossed over.” Continue reading
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Hillel Halkin

Thursday, January 1
HILLEL HALKIN’s work includes Across the Sabbath River: In Search of a Lost Tribe of Israel, Letters to an American Jewish Friend, A Strange Death, and a translation of Sholem Aleichem’ s Tevye the Dairyman and the Railroad Stories. His … Continue reading
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Marc Chagall

Thursday, January 1
A brilliant new perspective on one of the most beloved—and most misunderstood—artists of the twentieth century.
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Jonathan Wilson

Thursday, January 1
JONATHAN WILSON is the author of A Palestine Affair, The Hiding Room, Schoom, and An Ambulance Is on the Way: Stories of Men in Trouble, and of two critical studies of the fiction of Saul Bellow. His work has appeared … Continue reading
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Deborah E. Lipstadt

Thursday, January 1
DEBORAH E. LIPSTADT is Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University. She is the author of History on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving (a National Jewish Book Award winner); Denying the Holocaust: … Continue reading
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Jews and Power

Thursday, January 1
Taking in everything from the kingdom of David to the Oslo accords, Ruth Wisse offers a radical new way to think about the Jewish relationship to power.
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Ruth Wisse

Thursday, January 1
RUTH R. WISSE is Martin Peretz Professor of Yiddish Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature at Harvard University. Born in Czernowitz and raised in Montreal, she was the first professor to introduce courses in Yiddish literature at McGill University, where … Continue reading
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The Wicked Son

Thursday, January 1
Anti-Semitism, Self-Hatred, and the Jews Continue reading
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David Mamet

Thursday, January 1
DAVID MAMET is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. He is the author of Glengarry Glen Ross, The Cryptogram, and Boston Marriage, among other plays. He has also published three novels and many screenplays, children’s books, and essay collections.
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Barney Ross

Thursday, January 1
A powerful storyteller brings to life one of the most colorful boxers of the 20th century, both an extraordinary athlete and a remarkable man.
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Douglas Century

Thursday, January 1
DOUGLAS CENTURY is the author of Street Kingdom and, with Rick Cowan, of the New York Times best-seller Takedown. He is a frequent contributor to The New York Times, among many other publications. Born and raised in Canada, he lives … Continue reading
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Emma Lazarus

Thursday, January 1
A pioneering biography of the iconoclastic nineteenth-century poet and activist whose verse gave a voice to the Statue of Liberty, but whose extraordinary life has remained a mystery until now.
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Esther Schor

Thursday, January 1
ESTHER SCHOR, a poet and professor of English at Princeton University, is the author of The Hills of Holland: Poems and Bearing the Dead: The British Culture of Mourning from the Enlightenment to Victoria. She is also the editor of … Continue reading
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The Life of David

Thursday, January 1
From one of our most admired poets, a brilliant retelling of the life of one of the most complex figures in the Bible. Poet, warrior, and king, David has loomed large in myth and legend through the centuries, and he … Continue reading
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Robert Pinsky

Thursday, January 1
ROBERT PINSKY is the author of many books of poetry, including Jersey Rain and The Figured Wheel, and of the award-winning translation The Inferno of Dante. His prose works include The Situation of Poetry and The Sounds of Poetry. He … Continue reading
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Some News

Thursday, January 1
This is the Excerpt Continue reading
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This book is HOTTT

Thursday, January 1
Check out this book! Continue reading
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Thursday, January 1

Upcoming Books

  • From Pashas to Pariahs by Lucette Lagnado
  • The Dairy Restaurant by Ben Katchor
  • Show of Shows by David Margolick
  • Messianism by Leon Wieseltier
  • Mrs. Freud by Daphne Merkin