Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole in Houston for the Jewish Book Fair

Tuesday, November 8 8:00 PM
ERJCC Houston, TX

In Sacred Trash, Hoffman and Cole lead us into the richly textured Jewish world revealed by these manuscripts, as they also present the fascinating life stories of the modern scholars who devoted themselves to unearthing and studying the Geniza documents. The Geniza’s treasuresconcealed for centuries behind a wall in one of Cairo’s oldest synagoguesreveal an entire civilization, and include personal letters and landmark poems, wills and marriage contracts, medical prescriptions, Bible fragments, money orders, children’s primers, and magical amulets. Presenting a panoramic view of nine hundred years of vibrant Mediterranean Judaism, Hoffman and Cole bring readers into the heart of this little known trove, whose contents have rightly been dubbed “the Living Sea Scrolls.”

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