The Selected Poems of Yehuda Halevi

translated and annotated BY hillel halkin

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Yehuda Halevi was one of the greatest Jewish poets of all time, a romantic figure who, though he lived 900 years ago, continues to compel interest today. Nextbook Press is pleased to make available here, in its first original e-book, this collection of 35 poems by Yehuda Halevi in their original Hebrew, alongside masterful translations by renowned essayist, critic, and translator Hillel Halkin, who is the author of a biography of Halevi for Nextbook Press. Each poem has been annotated by Halkin to offer brief commentary and context for a poet who could be intensely erotic, confessional, spiritual, and liturgical, often at the same time.

Designed by Scott Martin-Kosofsky, using a new Hebrew font revived from centuries ago, this digital poetry chapbook is available for free.

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